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Why is flying insect control required?

When ranked in significance against all pest types, flying insects (whether they are flies, moths, bees or wasps) hold a unique position. Many pests (like cockroaches, rats or mice) spend most of their time hidden from public view and are limited in their range of movement.

Insects that fly, however, are highly visible and have unlimited range, which maximizes their ability to cause food contamination and elevates their nuisance value.

Nothing can ruin a food related business’ reputation like flies.

Fly control is especially challenging as it is often impossible to find and treat or remove the source of the infestation – and anytime a door or window opens, potential exists for a new pest introduction.

Fortunately, Pelsis flylights, carrying the Synergetic brand name, provide professional, effective and discreet solutions to all indoor flying insect challenges. With a complete portfolio of models, Pelsis can offer a flylight for any scenario. Whether you are dealing with a restaurant (where you need both “front of house” discreetness and high efficacy in the kitchen) or a highly regulated food processing environment (where compliance with HACCP and FSMA driven processes are essential parts of doing business), there is a Pelsis / Synergetic product tailored to your needs.

Please visit the products section of this website to learn more or email  to request a call from one of ourrepresentatives.